The Exclusive Lounge is a fully air-conditioned leisure and relaxation centre within The Hub premises. The Lounge is open after hours each day, for patrons to meet and socialize over choice, cold drinks, as they catch up with the latest news and sports telecasts, while listening to great music.

With a well-stocked bar, ample treats and exquisite ambiance, event hosts and guests can utilize the Lounge as a side attraction to events going on at The Hub, or for less formal celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries and family gatherings for up to 50 guests.

At a glance
  • Open to the public every evening, except on days with scheduled events or activities
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • 75-inch LED TVs with sports and other entertainment programmes
  • Could be used for private gatherings for up to 50 guests
  • Well-stocked bar with the best wines, spirits, cocktails and other drinks available always