The Main Tent is an expansive, open-plan, multi-purpose facility, with floor space of about 1700 square metres. It can cater for banquet and conference events for up to 1500 guests, and concerts/shows with an audience of up to 2500 people. It can also be partitioned into booths and display areas for tradeshows, fairs and exhibitions.

The Tent is fully air-conditioned and fitted with an aluminium stage. Other props include lighting, state-of-the-art sound systems and full colour LED screens, according to the needs of the particular event. Organizers and hosts have access to a complimentary changing room as part of the package.

Event organizers will also find available all necessary amenities for a successful occasion, from banquet and Chivari chairs, to the tables, interior and exterior decor, sound and visual effects, stage management, as well as access to the Exclusive Lounge and other facilities of The Hub.

At a glance
  • 1700sqm open-plan arcum style tent, with 8.6m ceiling clearance
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • TW Vera-Sys-One Sound system and speakers
  • P6 and P10 full colour indoor LED screens
  • 1500 persons banquet seating, 2500 persons theatre/concert seating capacity
  • Aluminium stage
  • Complimentary changing room
  • Additional props, stage lighting and theatrical effects can be provided